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Cautions in the daily maintenance of cnc processing equipment

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Cnc processing equipment belongs to precision processing equipment.  the life of cnc processing equipment is inseparable from the daily maintenance specifications. If maintenance is implemented correctly, it will help prolong the life span and accuracy of cnc processing equipment?

Generally speaking, cnc processing equipment is divided into daily maintenance, monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance, which is what we usually call primary maintenance, secondary maintenance, and tertiary maintenance. The content of different levels of maintenance is even less relevant. The performance is also different. In order to ensure the accuracy of cnc processing equipment, companies will carry out different levels of maintenance operations on cnc processing equipment.

The primary maintenance is daily maintenance. Generally, you need to check whether the lubricating oil needs to be added, whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the coolant is sufficient; the secondary maintenance generally requires checking whether the cleaning filter is clean, the entire machine is clean, and the tool magazine is clean ; For level three maintenance, check whether the gripper/tool holder is normal, replace the coolant and clean the water tank, check whether the chain is worn, and replace the spindle oil.

The maintenance of cnc processing equipment is carried out in steps, which can effectively ensure the life of the equipment and reduce the equipment failure rate, and provide a strong guarantee for production and delivery. Therefore, the maintenance of cnc processing equipment cannot be ignored, and only scientific maintenance can provide a strong guarantee for production.

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