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What are the relevant information for inquiries and production of machining products

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Some problems that need to be paid attention to in mechanical processing quotation and production, series products better to be produced in the same batch to reduce color difference. Color difference is unavoidable in the process of surface treatment.

To quick complete the quotation and production of mechanical processing products, SWKD releases the information for the early quotation and  later production to customers. The specific requirements are as follows:

In the early quotation stage of mechanical processing products, information to be provided are as follows:

1, 2D drawing file (drawing file size must be complete, with corresponding size and tolerance marking, material description, technical requirement description)

  2. Description of parts-related functional requirements and assembly instructions (depending on the customer's situation, not necessarily items)

The accuracy of the design dimensions and tolerances of the parts are closely related to the product price. Understanding the customer's assembly requirements can offer quote more reasonable . We insist on preliminary understanding to meeting the customer's quality and  give customers the best processing plan and reasonable Quotation, so as to avoid cost waste.

The information to be provided in the later stage of production of mechanically processed products are as follow:

  1. The final drawing of the actual production (consistent with the previous quotation or clearly marked where there will be minor adjustments)

  2, part 3D drawing files, used for checking and programming with 2D drawing files;

  3, parts samples (provide samples for production reference, more accurate judgment of appearances)

   4. Packaging requirements.

some problems need to pay attention to in machining quotation and production  , the series products better to be produced in the same batch to reduce color difference. Color difference is difficult to avoid in the process of surface treatment. Different surface treatments Conditions, the chromatic aberration caused by the impact is also serious and slight. For some measurement methods of dimensions with accuracy requirements, we should report as early as possible to unify the measurement methods of both parties to avoid subsequent misunderstandings.

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