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Shenzhen cnc machining, which one is better?

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With the development of science and technology, there are more and more technological enterprises in Shenzhen, and CNC supporting processing is also keeping up with the development of technological enterprises. Also more and more enterprises engaged in CNC precision processing in Shenzhen, so which one is stronger, and which one is better, how to identify it?
1. First, make a basic judgment from the company's external image and internal 7S management. High-quality cnc processing companies generally pay attention to external image and internal 7S management. The external image and workshop layout of the company are exquisite and neat.

   2. Understand the company's operating mode and management system. Companies with mature management systems generally operate for a long time, have rich management experience, and have a certain ability in product quality control and delivery.

   3.  Understand and manage the human resource allocation and management of the enterprise. Generally, excellent enterprises focus on talent training and cultivation, and the echelon of well-known people can ensure that there is a steady stream of talents for distribution in all aspects of enterprise operation.

  4. Check the list of production equipment and testing equipment of the enterprise. Generally, the equipment configuration of enterprises engaged in CNC precision processing is mostly high-end processing equipment, which is rigid and stable. The testing equipment includes precision testing equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instruments.

       5. Understand the company's customer industry. Generally, companies engaged in the production of medical equipment , aerospace, military, and optical communication parts are high-quality cnc processing companies, because the products in these industries require high precision, high surface requirements, and long-term processing of such materials. , Have certain technical processing capabilities.

   In addition to the above-mentioned indicators, the company’s capital operation and supporting suppliers also need to be understood accordingly. A good corporate financial situation is the basis for ensuring the healthy operation of the company. Therefore, which company is strong in CNC processing depends on the above-mentioned terms.


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