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Experience sharing of CNC lathe processing anti-collision.

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The scope of machining is very wide, including CNC machining center, CNC lathe machining, drilling, grinding and other common machining processes. Among them, CNC lathe machining is the most common. Next, we will share CNC lathe machining experience with you. SWKD has many years of experience in CNC lathe processing. There are turret CNC lathes, sliding CNC lathes, and turning-milling composite CNC machine tools. The problems that need to be paid attention to are different for CNC lathes are with different structures.

The most important thing in CNC lathe processing is the machine collision, so you must pay attention when setting the tool. The second thing is the accuracy of the part positioning and size input, otherwise the machine collision phenomenon will occur, the CNC lathe coordinate system is set incorrectly, and the zero point is reset during the processing. It will also lead to a collision incident. The collision is most likely to cause serious damage to the machine during the rapid operation of the machine tool, so it must be avoided.

   So how to prevent the occurrence of the collision incident?

When programming, the origin of the working coordinate system should be set on the surface of the workpiece to prevent the collision caused by the size error. Secondly, during the programming process, pay attention to the input of the decimal point and check the processing in detail. If a decimal point is wrong, it will be a thousand miles away.  When adjusting the part coordinates, the datum point should be set outside the physical length of the tool, and must be at the position of the longest tool. When adjusting the tool length offset, the operator must ensure that the offset value is negative.

Only by accomplishing the above points, the CNC lathe collision incident will not occur, otherwise, any small negligence will cause the machine collision incident to occur, which will have an irreversible impact on the machine, and the accuracy of the machine after maintenance is also Unable to return to the state before the collision.

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