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Prospect analysis of machinery production and processing industries

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  From the perspective of the current world economy, the position of mechanical production and processing in different countries is different, but most countries still regard mechanical production and processing as the basic manufacturing of the country, because the basic manufacturing of mechanical production and processing is a country‘s backbone. The industrial production has a very large impact on the development of the national economy and product innovation and development. Therefore, the development prospects of the basic manufacturing industry of mechanical production and processing are relatively optimistic.

  At present, the level of domestic machinery production and processing is still far behind that of western developed countries, and there is still a lot of space for improvement. Insufficient equipment precision, poor material performance, and poor manufacturing culture are all caused by domestic machinery production and processing low capacity.

  Then what are the current domestic conditions?

  1. Since the 1980s, under the influence of reform and opening up, the country began to introduce advanced production equipment and production technology from western developed countries to promote domestic mechanical production and processing technology. At the same time, the development of joint ventures was introduced. Under the dual influence, the level of domestic machinery production and processing has improved, but the development of equipment capabilities has stagnated.

  2. There are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the mechanical production and processing manufacturing industry. Compared with some foreign-funded large-scale mechanical enterprises, they are not competing on the same platform. Both production equipment, technology and management are obviously better than domestic enterprises. For one thing, excessive reliance on imported equipment has seriously hindered the development of machinery manufacturing.

  Made in China has proposed A three-step strategic goal in 2015. The first step is to become a powerful manufacturing country in 2025, the second step is to reach the level of a world powerful manufacturing country by 2035, and the third step is to establish a new China. In a century, comprehensive strength has entered the ranks of the world's manufacturing powers. It can be seen that China still attaches great importance to the basic manufacturing industry of machinery production and processing. To sum up, although it is very difficult to engage in machinery production and processing at present, machinery manufacturers and processors go bankrupt every day, but the basic manufacturing industry will not disappear. It will become more and more perfect and form a healthy development. In short, mechanical production and processing will not lose prospects.

  Therefore, only by improving the corporate management mechanism, updating and upgrading production and processing equipment, training machinery production and processing talents, researching and developing high-quality raw materials, and forming a perfect basic manufacturing industry chain, can we truly become a powerful country in machinery production industry.

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