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Cautions for Magnesium Alloy CNC Machining

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Many manufacturers engaged in CNC precision machining have a bit of a discoloration about magnesium alloy processing. magnesium alloy processing is easy to catch fire and daunts many mechanical processing practitioners. So what are the precautions for magnesium alloy CNC processing?

First of all, the characteristics of magnesium alloy materials are light weight, high strength, and easy oxidation. This is the characteristic of magnesium alloy materials. Lightweight and high strength are the advantages of magnesium alloys. The application fields are very wide. In the machining process, it is necessary to solve It is the three problems of high strength and flammability and oxidation. So how to solve these three problems really effectively?

1. At present, there are flammable magnesium alloys and non-combustible magnesium alloys on the market. When processing flammable magnesium alloys, a special machine is required for production. During the processing, people must not leave the whole process. The machine is processed to prevent slagging and heating, and the cooling fluid is poured in the part. It must be in the cutting position and must be processed with a special cutting fluid for magnesium alloy. After the above points are done, the probability of magnesium alloy flammability is very low.

2. In order to prevent oxidation during magnesium alloy processing , it is better to choose a cutting fluid with a PH value of 9-10.5, otherwise it is easy to cause corrosion and oxidation of the product or corrosion to human skin. After processing, the product should be cleaned quickly. Blow clean and encapsulate the product with vacuum packaging to prevent the magnesium alloy surface from blackening and oxidation.

   Third, the strength of magnesium alloy material is the easiest to overcome in the CNC machining process. Choose a suitable tool, adjust the machine parameters, and generally meet the surface requirements of the product after processing.

   In short, in the process of fabrication magnesium alloys, pay attention to the corresponding control points and protect them, so you don’t have to worry about flammability and oxidation, let alone discoloration.


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