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The advantages and disadvantages of large parts fabrication

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In the middle of China currently is the most concentrated areas of precision machining and the most complete resource allocation, there are also many companies that have large-scale parts processing. The processing of both is still very different. Equipment selection, process design, product inspection, and industry characteristics are very different. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of processing large parts?

First of all, in terms of the layout of the factory, the production of large parts requires a large space. Large parts are generally placed on pallets and should not be placed under heavy pressure to avoid deformation of the parts. Therefore, a large transfer factory is required.  But for the production of small parts, the factory layout can be smaller. The parts are usually placed on the shelves in blister boxes or plastic basins, which occupy a small space and are convenient and quick to transfer. Therefore, the production of large parts cost of the factory is higher than the cost for processing small parts .

Analyzed from the price of equipment, the equipment stroke required for processing large parts also needs to be larger, and the rigidity of the equipment is also stronger than that of the equipment that produces small parts, so the equipment cost for producing large parts is also higher than the production cost of small parts .

The cost of fixtures required for the processing of large parts is also higher than that of the production of small parts. The production of small parts can generally be completed by turning and milling combined processing, while the processing of large parts generally cannot be completed by turning and milling combined processing at one time. It needs to be completed by multiple processes separately, and each process requires tooling and fixtures to assist in completion.

The material cost required for the production of large parts is also huge, and the ratio of material cost and processing fee for small parts is lower than that of large parts.

  Lastly, its the testing equipment, the cost of testing large parts and components is higher than that of small parts. Based on the above, the cost of processing large parts is much higher than that of small parts, and the testing requirements are also higher, so does the failure products.


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