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How to improve our production efficiency through cnc machining center programming

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In CNC precision machining, it is a compulsory course for machining practitioners to study how to improve production efficiency through CNC machining center programming. Factors affecting CNC machining efficiency include tool problems, fixture problems, machine tool parameters, etc., and these factors affect CNC machining Central programming, which indirectly affects production efficiency.

First of all, before programming the cnc machining center, you should carefully study the product drawings, formulate the product processing route, prepare suitable processing tools, and ensure the processing accuracy, as far as possible to complete the processing surface at one time to reduce the processing surface time.  Processing must be taken into consideration when programming the cnc machining center.

   1. In one positioning and clamping, the processing is completed as much as possible to reduce the number of times the workpiece is processed, shorten the auxiliary time, and reduce the production cost;

  2. Pay attention to the rationality of tool switching during programming to reduce the time of tool switching. The area to be processed by the same tool should be processed at one time as much as possible to avoid the waste of time caused by frequent switching of tools and improve production efficiency;

  3. In the programming of processing parts, attention should also be paid to the principle of prioritizing processing of adjacent parts to reduce the time consumed by machine operation and improve production efficiency;

  4. In programming, consider the way that multiple workpieces are processed together. Processing multiple workpieces at one time can effectively reduce the time of shutdown and clamping.

  5. During the programming process, avoid the repetition of invalid instructions, and move quickly under no load to reduce the waiting time.

In addition to the impact of the above factors on the programming efficiency of the CNC machining center, the rationality of the product design fixture can also greatly shorten the auxiliary time of processing. In short, there are many factors that affect the efficiency of CNC processing. Pay attention to details and it will definitely be greatly improved processing efficiency.

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