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The difference between high silicon aluminum processing and aluminum

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In the daily machining process, we often encounter some unconventional materials. Due to the lack of understanding of the material properties, we often encounter various problems in the process that are difficult to solve. So today we will discuss one Unconventional aluminum- high silicon aluminum processing , so what is the difference between high silicon aluminum and aluminum processing?

First of all, let us first understand the high silicon aluminum , , the density of high silicon aluminum alloy is between 2.3~4.7 g/cm³, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is between 7-20ppm/℃. Increasing the silicon content can make the density of the alloy material and The coefficient of thermal expansion is significantly reduced. At the same time, high-silicon aluminum alloy also has good thermal conductivity, higher specific strength and rigidity, good plating performance with gold, silver, copper, and nickel, weldable with the base material, and easy precision machining. An electronic packaging material with broad application prospects, especially in high-tech fields such as aerospace, space technology, and portable electronic devices. High-silicon aluminum materials have light density and brittle materials are their basic characteristics.

 High silicon aluminum processing , is based on the material itself. Sharp tools are easy to wear, and non-sharp tools are easy to collapse. Therefore, high-silicon aluminum processing tools should be sharp and wear-resistant, and must be targeted, while processing ordinary aluminum ordinary Alloy knives can be completed, and the tool life is very long. In the process of high-silicon aluminum processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the life of the tool and to change the tool regularly, because once the tool is worn, it is easy to cause the product to collapse, resulting in the final scrap of the product.

In the eyes of most technicians engaged in machining, high silicon aluminum processing , is no different from ordinary aluminum processing. Those who have experienced high-silicon aluminum processing will understand that the difference between the two is very large, and high-silicon aluminum materials are expensive. The scrap cost is also high, the material processing is difficult, and the tool cost is also high. Therefore, before the high silicon aluminum processing, we should pay attention to the tool selected and the process setting on the equipment parameters to ensure the pass rate.


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