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The difference between CNC machining high-light parameter setting and ordinary machining

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More and more stringent requirements in todays's precision machining,surface requirements are also getting higher and higher. In order to achieve mirror effect on the surface, CNC machining highlight parameters are an essential knowledge that needs to be mastered.

CNC processing highlights in the milling and turning process is not commonly used to, that is the reason why many technicians feel helpless when encounter artifacts have high requirements for workpiece. Of course, there are some excellent production enterprises have CNC machining parameters of highlights, SWKD will discuss about the knowledge of the CNC processing highlights parameters.

First of all, in order to meet the requirements of CNC machining highlight, we must choose precision machine with high speed. Generally speaking, we often use the engraving machine with a speed of more than 20,000 RPM, which can meet the requirements of processing highlight. Secondly, we should consider on the tool, generally we choose to use high hardness of diamond tools, diamond tools, such tools in THE PROCESS of CNC machining highlight, not easy to stick chips, the edge can always keep the parts of the cutting, wear is slow, so can ensure the product high glossy.

Specular highlights we usually choose the cutting speed, generally around 30 m /, the spindle tool change mobile travel need to balance, to ensure that the degree of specular highlights on the surface of the product meet the requirements of drawings, for general machining high performance materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, during the processing, if use high hardness tool, you can not add cooling fluid, because of the diamond tool on heat conduction performance is good, but cooling fluid will be trouble instead.

In a word, CNC machining highlight must be adjusted from the aspects of equipment selection, tool selection and machining parameters to achieve the best highlight effect.

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