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What is the difference between ordinary lathe processing and CNC lathe processing

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Among the many mechanical processing equipment, ordinary lathe processing is also one of the mechanical processing equipment that has lasted the longest and has not been eliminated until now. The main reason why ordinary lathe processing has not been eliminated is that the equipment is simple to operate and has strong rigidity. Compared with CNC Lathe still has certain advantages in some aspects.

Ordinary lathe processing is easy to operate. It is to adjust the speed, shift the gear, raise the start lever, and then push the joystick forward, the turning tool will move forward, pull it back, and the turning tool will move backward. Many beginners can learn in a short period of time, and then perform ordinary lathe processing. It takes several years or even longer to be truly proficient in operation and free to use. But if to process the workpiece to a certain level of accuracy, it will take much more long time.

CNC lathe processing is much more complicated than ordinary lathes. CNC lathes refer to the purpose of controlling the machine tool through CNC programs, so as to perform batch automatic processing operations, and have high precision and better production. In addition, it also has the advantages of low labor intensity and high degree of automation. Here is a list of the differences between ordinary lathe processing and CNC lathe processing by SWKD:

       1. Ordinary lathes use trapezoidal threaded screws to process threads, and use polished rods for cutting and other processes, while CNC lathes usually use ball screws when processing threads.

  2. The two lathes are also different in terms of guide rails. The guide rails of ordinary lathes are hard rails, while CNC lathes also have wire rails in addition to hard rails.

  3. In terms of motor equipment, there are also big differences between the two lathes. The spindle motor of ordinary lathes can use ordinary motors, but if it is a CNC lathe, servo motors are usually used.

   4. In addition, ordinary lathes generally do not have digital control operations, but CNC lathes will have them.

  SWKD is engaged in CNC lathe processing business, which can meet the needs of ordinary lathe processing. The maximum processing diameter of products can reach 450mm. With CNC machining center, it can complete precision processing services for large products.

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