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What is the principle of CNC machining

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CNC Machining has been very mature in China and has been of great help to precision Machining. Then what is the Machining principle of CNC? Today SWKD tell you the Machining principle of CNC.

At present, the commonly used CNC machining can be divided into milling and turning, both of which are based on the CNC machining instruction code to complete the cutting feed to achieve the desired geometry. Commonly used instruction code is generally G code, through the coordinate system, control the tool feed speed and high shaft speed, complete the machining of the workpiece.

The relationship between the machine coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system is one of the important contents to make clear the CNC machining principle. The origin of the machine tool is the fixed position coordinates of the machine coordinate system, and the establishment of the origin of the machine tool is carried out in the way of zero-gauge. When the origin of the workpiece and the origin of the machine coincide, we usually use the tool to complete, which is also the beginning of CNC machining.

PLC control can be used to adjust the starting sequence of machine tools, such as spindle start and stop, oil pump start and stop, move, tool change, etc., to meet the processing of parts.

We can have a preliminary understanding once know about the processing principle of CNC. According to the different structure of the workpiece, we need to use different processing equipment also,commonly used CNC machining equipment are three axis, four axis and 5 axis, etc., the more complex numerical control processing equipment as well as to the requirement of programming the higher, how to become a good CNC programming and technical personnel, more need to have in-depth knowledge of CNC machining principle, in order to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. In daily work, there will be corresponding CNC machining courses for regular job training, which will enable us to learn about CNC machining knowledge in a short time and get familiar with CNC machining industry more quickly.

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