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What is the prospect of Shenzhen medical parts processing?

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There are many companies engaged in the processing of medical parts in Shenzhen, especially in precision machining. Because Shenzhen is the cradle of medical equipment processing companies, most of the outstanding medical equipment manufacturers are located in Shenzhen, then how is the prospects for processing medical parts in Shenzhen?

The 2020 covid epidemic has not yet completely dissipated. In this special period, medical equipment processing companies have brought health to people around the world, and let people in the depths of the epidemic see hope. Countries all over the world hope that China will export all kinds of ventilators. Wait for medical equipment to be given to them to solve their urgent needs. Under the call of the Chinese government, more and more medical equipment companies have increased their production capacity, and have also increased many orders for related supporting companies.

In the future, high-end medical equipment will be closely connected with precision machinery, because the precision of parts is related to the precision level of the equipment. At present, the demand for medical protective equipment and disinfection products that we routinely use, such as monitors, ventilators, The demand for medical equipment such as anesthesia machines and electrocardiographs is also very large, so the demand for precision machining has also increased.

At present, the medical equipment processing manufacturers we are familiar with are mainly foreign companies, such as Philips, Siemens, GE, Zeiss Medical, Johnson & Johnson, etc. They occupy 40% of the global medical equipment market, and in the latest release of "2019 China Medical According to the "Device Industry Development Report", the size of China’s medical device market has reached 638 billion yuan, and it is estimated that in 2022, the size of China’s medical device market is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan, and the industry growth rate will continue to remain at about 15%. In the next five years, it will maintain a steady growth trend.

In summary, the prospects for processing medical accessories in Shenzhen are very optimistic. As long as high-quality processing is maintained, operating costs are controlled, and production processes are continuously optimized, they will surely gain a share in the medical device market.


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