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Why small parts need high precision

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In the CNC lathe processing industry, there are large parts processing and small parts processing . Why is the small parts processing higher than that of large parts? Let's analyze the process of small parts processing:

Today, with the world rapid development of science and technology, more and more parts and components are also developing in terms of precision, light weight and miniaturization. The processing of precision small parts is generally based on turning and milling and grinding. Turning small parts has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high efficiency, and high automation. At present, the machine tools for turning small parts are generally based on the automatic cnc machine.The machine tool is equipped with a constant temperature cooling device, and the turning spindle maintains a constant temperature during the machining process, so the machining accuracy is high.

Secondly, during the processing of small parts, the machine tool can complete various processes such as milling, drilling, turning, boring, and tapping at one time. The machine tool is also equipped with an automatic feeding device and an automatic chip removal device. Knife device and automatic detection device can complete the data compensation of each position of the part to realize precision machining.

   For the machining of long shaft small parts, when machine turning is difficult to ensure the outer diameter tolerance of the precision small parts, the grinding process can be used for auxiliary processing to ensure the precision of the precision small parts processing and meet the requirements of the drawing.

   Due to equipment constraints, the processing of large parts is complex and cannot be processed at one time. Compared with small parts, multi-process processing is more precise than one-time processing. The precision is naturally not as high as precision small parts processing .


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