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what should be pay attention to sluminum alloy surface cnc machining

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Aluminum alloy, it is  one of the favorite processing materials in CNC processing industry. For aluminum alloy surface CNC processing, what are the special requirements or processing and technique? Let SWKD share with you.

The CNC machining of aluminum alloy surface is generally used to solve the surface defects such as clamping line, trachoma, bruises and other appearance defects. There are also other methods to solve the problems of aluminum alloy surface, such as sandblasting, electroplating, etc. However, the surface treatment process can generally only solve minor product surface defects, and the serious ones must be solved by machining processes.

After the common CNC processing milling the aluminum alloy surface, we can see that the appearance of the aluminum alloy material surface can be solved, but at the same time, some bad aluminum alloy materials will have fine spots and bonding on the surface after CNC processing. Mold line, these problems can only be found after machining. After surface treatment is oxidized, it can be seen more clearly. Therefore, the CNC machining process is also a process of discovering aluminum alloy material problems. For serious material problems, surface treatment cannot solved and can only be scrapped. Therefore, if the parts produced have appearance requirements, we should carefully evaluate when selecting materials, and we should carefully observe in the raw material inspection link and cnc processing link. To determine whether the aluminum alloy material meets the requirements of the parts.

In the external surface treatment, different aluminum alloy materials choose different chemical polishing. There are over-acid chemical polishing and over-alkali chemical polishing. If the surface of the aluminum alloy has a slight mold line or fine spot, the chemical polishing time should not be too long. Otherwise, the parting line will be more obvious.


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