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What is the future prospect of CNC machining

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As the number of people engaged in CNC machining has become less and less in recent years, many people who are still engaged in CNC machining also continue to complain. CNC machining is hard, dirty, and low income. But is it really so bad?

In some authoritative machinery survey reports, we can see that the science majors with the highest average salary are mainly engineering majors, and the majors in CNC-related automobile and mechanical design and manufacturing have higher salaries. Nowadays, the demand for precision machining is increasing. So the employment situation of CNC machining professionals should get better and better in the future, and the prospects and potentials of CNC machining professionals are also worth to looking forward to.

  In the era of Industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing is being built globally, and intelligent applications are constantly being upgraded. However, the realization of Industry 4.0 requires a large number of CNC machining professionals to achieve it. Therefore, the prospect of CNC machining is very optimistic.

Under the guidance of the national policy level, combined with the general environment of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the government has increased the salary of blue-collar workers. Intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0 have made the market demand for CNC machining professionals increasing. In terms of recruitment, CNC talents are one of the most difficult positions to recruit, which often leads to the dilemma that companies have no available CNC talents. How to solve the problem of lack of CNC talents has become one of the most important issues facing enterprises and society.

Today is the data age, the change of people’s ideological concepts will eventually change those who complain about them. CNC machining is a scarce resource. More and more companies will favor CNC machining professionals, and in the future, CNC machining Professional talents will get higher treatment.

At present, the output of numerical control talents mainly from two aspects: one is the graduates of mechatronics or numerical control technology application in universities, higher vocational and secondary vocational schools. These graduates have strong theoretical knowledge but lack hands-on experience; Second is the CNC talents trained by the company themselves. These talents have strong hands-on experience and technological background, but they have weak theoretical knowledge and do not understand computer application technology and CNC systems. Neither of these two kinds of talents can fully satisfy the enterprise's requirements for compound CNC talents.

CNC machining technology has a profound impact on science and technology. Without good CNC technology, it is impossible to develop good equipment and lead high technology. Today, when the country is rich and the people are strong, the CNC machining profession is not only a personal survival skill, but also the most important weapon of a country.

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