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How to avoid machine collision incidents in the daily production.

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In the daily machining process, lathe machining center processing is the most common. How to prevent the lathe machining center from colliding is also ken daily management while enjoying high-tech equipment to solve the processing problems for us.

The collision will seriously affect the precision of machining equipment. If the strength of the collision is light, it will damage the tools, products, and the internal structural parts of the machine tool. The worst case, the machine tool will be scrapped and cannot be repaired. so what are the reasons for the collision incident?
      1. Inputting wrong data of tool will cause machine collision, such as wrong input of coordinate note offset, wrong input of H value or wrong call, wrong coordinate input, wrong input of G54\G40\G49\G80 value, etc.

2. Operation error is also the main reason for machine collision, such as wrong machining coordinates, wrong tool installation or tool change error, program call error, no return to origin after power-on, hand wheel or manual direction error, these reasons all lead to lathe processing center collision.

How to avoid the occurrence to ensure the accuracy of CNC machining centers processed by lathes? Usually people will use the simulation system of numerical control processing, which can provide a real virtual environment of numerical control operation and simulate it through  software, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and serious machine loss in the actual operation of CNC machine tools. .

As long as you operate carefully in your daily work, you can avoid most of the machine collision problems. By curing the safety operation process, idling trial operation and other basic tasks, you can also reduce the risk of machine collision and ensure the safety and accuracy of the equipment.

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