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Controlling the machining accuracy of CNC lathes during production

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The machining accuracy of  CNC lathes is generally caused by the following reasons. One is equipment, the other is tool problems, the third is programming, and the fourth is benchmark error. Today, SWKD will briefly describe these aspects with you.

1. The machining accuracy problems of CNC lathes caused by equipment are generally caused by the system error of the machine tool and while running of the machine tool. During the use of the machine tool, the core parts such as the lead screw are worn, which leads the gap increased and more error, which in turn affects the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe;

2. While  CNC lathes processing, the choice of tools is particularly important. Unsuitable tools will cause excessive load on the machine tool and excessive wear of the tools, resulting in the accuracy of the CNC lathe cannot meet the product requirements;

3. Unreasonable cutting parameters set during programming is also one of the reasons why the machining accuracy of CNC lathes cannot be guaranteed. The cutting parameters of feed and revolution must be set in combination with the tool, material characteristics and equipment to ensure CNC lathe processing accuracy;

4. In the process of  CNC lathes processing, the reference error of the product is also one of the reasons that the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe cannot meet the requirements. Through the combined turning and milling processing, the number of clamping times can be reduced as much as possible, and the secondary processing can be reduced due to the reference change.

   The above content is the topic of CNC lathes machining accuracy shared by SWKD, I hope it can be used as a reference for CNC machining people.


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