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How to become a high-quality CNC lathe processing manufacturer

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With the deepening of reform and opening up, more and more companies have chosen to be CNC lathe processing manufacturers. Because of the huge market demand for machining, it was discovered after engaging in CNC lathe processing that to become a high-quality CNC lathe processing manufacturer its not easy? Let's talk about the actual problems pain points and difficulties faced by CNC lathe manufacturers.

If you want to become a high-quality CNC lathe processing manufacturer, you must first accurately position it according to the needs of the customer groups. It does not mean that the precision of the product must be high-quality, and the quality is excessive, and the cost is too high. Who will pay for it? So that it is the best to match the customer's requirements. In the selection of equipment types, it is best to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, to achieve full coverage of processing capabilities, to meet customers' one-stop procurement needs, and to strengthen the types of equipment suitable for customers' processing in a targeted manner.

Generally speaking, the turning and milling machine is suitable for processing some products with lower rigidity and precision. Large workpieces and parts with high precision requirements need to be processed by CNC machine tools with stronger rigidity. There are usually seen in the market. The slide-type CNC lathe and the turret CNC lathe, which is more rigid than the slide type CNC lathe, and are more suitable for products with high machining accuracy.

From the perspective of market orders, high-precision parts generally have a small number of orders and require high processing masters. Product clamping needs to be confirmed by a meter before processing, rather than simple clamping can solve the problem . Small orders and high labor costs are the most difficult problems faced by precision lathe processing.

In short, if you want to become ahigh-quality CNC lathe processing manufacturer, you are faced with making choices in batch processing and precision processing. improving clamping efficiency and processing efficiency, and reducing production costs on the premise of meeting customer requirements, and building the company into a capable manufacturer energy that can meet batch processing and precision processing.


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