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What is CNC lathe processing

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In the field of CNC machining, CNC lathe is a high-precision machining equipment,and it have their own unique advantages. They have the characteristics of intelligent equipment and high automation precision. Learning CNC lathe machining technology can solve many problems in machining. then what is CNC lathe processing?

First of all, let’s take a look at the functions of CNC lathes. CNC lathes are a kind of machining equipment that focuses on turning and is supplemented by milling. According to CNC programs, our metal blanks are processed into the geometric shapes we need, including the surface of the parts. Requirements and dimensional accuracy, etc. CNC lathes are understood from the name to control the processing equipment of machine tools through digital programming. Usually, the CNC equipment we are talking about is CNC lathes and CNC machining center.

The CNC lathe is controlled by the processing program, so before the parts are processed, the program must be written before processing. The CNC lathe control panel is the core part of the CNC lathe, because it is the brain of the CNC lathe, the device that controls the operation of the CNC lathe, and the servo system It is also an important part of the CNC lathe, mainly used to realize the feed servo control and spindle servo control of the CNC machine tool. The main body of the machine tool is the mechanical part of the entire CNC lathe, which consists of the bed, base, column, table, and headstock and other components.

Before turning on the CNC lathe, you should confirm the state of the machine tool and whether there is lubricating oil. After starting the system, release the emergency stop and reset again to ensure that the XYZ three axes are in the zero state. After confirming that the machine has no abnormalities, During the clamping process, pay attention to the clamping method of the parts to prevent the machine from colliding with the machine. After the parts are processed, clean the machine waste and turn off the power.

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