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Points to note in aluminum frame cnc processing

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Among the products processed by cnc, aluminum frame cnc processing is what we often encounter. There are many types of aluminum frames, ranging from difficult to easy, high surface requirements to high size requirements, and they all have different processing techniques. Then what are the issues to pay attention to aluminum frame cnc processing:

First of all, for the aluminum frame with high surface requirements, when we choose the material to be processed, we should pay attention to the quality of the raw materials. Otherwise, after processing, the surface of the aluminum frame will have common aluminum problems such as joint lines and trachoma, especially some defects It can only be seen after surface treatment, which brings a lot of trouble to machining. Not only does the product have to be scrapped, it also wastes production time and delays the delivery of customers. Therefore, for the aluminum frame with high surface requirements, the material must be a good national standard material. When processing, control the processing pattern of the surface knife pattern Then after the surface treatment, the best effect can be obtained.

When processing aluminum frame with high size requirements, when selecting materials, it is best to choose materials that have been treated with outdated force, because such materials are not easy to deform, and the size is easy to ensure after processing; in order to ensure the accuracy of aluminum frame processing, In the process setting, a combination of roughing and finishing is also adopted as much as possible to ensure that the dimensional accuracy can be guaranteed through finishing after the product is deformed. In the production process, it is necessary to consider the dimensional impact brought by surface treatment, and consider all factors that affect the dimensional accuracy in order to complete the aluminum frame cnc processing.

   In short, when machining aluminum frame cnc, not only should pay attention to the selection of materials and the setting of craftsmanship, but also the tools should be considered. The programming should also consider the parameter settings of the machine and the tools.

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