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According to the current processing equipment, the size of the workpiece and processing scope is different, such as follows:

vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, 4-axis machining center and 5-axis machining center the maximum stroke is 850mm, The size of the workpiece suitable for processing is 800mm long, 500mm wide and 550mm high. horizontal machining center can reach 800mm.

For the machining of precision parts, the precision of equipment determines the machining precision. At present, the machining precision of shape and position tolerance, aperture machining precision and linear tolerance precision of products can be guaranteed within 0.005mm. If higher requirements are met, the precision of products can be guaranteed through other processes as the case may be.

The diameter of the through-hole of the cutter tower CNC lathe is within 3mm-45mm, and the diameter of the three-jaw machine can reach 300mm.

Plane mill, big water mill, inner and outer circle mill, centerless mill, slow moving wire, middle moving wire, fast moving wire, electric spark and other processing technology are our conventional production technology, can ensure the processing workpiece within 0.005mm.

In order to let customers focus more on their main business, we also provide customers with the service of assembling product parts. After precision parts are processed, we will assemble different parts together and send them after passing the test according to the assembly requirements of customers' drawings.

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