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What are the business scopes of CNC lathe machining manufacturers

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In the CNC machining industry, ordinary CNC lathe manufacturers like to undertake ordinary aluminum parts processing, brass parts processing, and refuse to accept high-silicon aluminum, Kovar alloy, high-temperature alloy, mold steel, etc., because the material is hard and difficult to cut.
If you want to become a high-quality cnc lathe manufacturer, you need to overcome many problems that ordinary CNC lathe manufacturers are unwilling to face. Then we will show what are the problems:

1. For small batches of parts, ordinary CNC lathe manufacturers are unwilling to take orders, because such orders take a long time to adjust the machine and the production time is short. But if shortage of technicians, they are definitely not willing to face it. While high-quality CNC lathe processing manufacturers have strong technical strength and many technicians, which can handle small batch parts processing;

2. Parts with complex structure and many fine dimensions are also unwilling to face with ordinary CNC lathe processing manufacturers. Because the sample process consumes a lot of money, have to purchase a lot of supporting measuring tools such as plug gauges and ring gauges. While high qualityl factory relatively complete, when non-scalar gauges appear, there are also complete supporting suppliers to quickly solve them;

3.  The parts with high material hardness and strength can not be dealt with by ordinary CNC lathe manufacturers. The tool consumption of such parts is high, the tool cost is high, and the frequent production process problems seriously affect the production efficiency. However, high-quality CNC lathe manufacturers have A mature engineering and technical team can select suitable processing tools according to different materials to solve;

  SWKD can solve any problem in the field of CNC lathe processing, from small batch parts processing (medical equipment parts) to large batch parts processing (electronic equipment parts), we can respond quickly to meet customer needs.

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