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How to solve the problem of iron filings entanglement in CNC lathe processing?

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In the daily CNC lathe machining process, most of the machining masters will more or less encounter the iron filings entangled on the product or tool during the machining process, causing the CNC lathe machining to be blocked. How to solve this problem?

First of all, let’s take a look at what shapes of chips we usually encounter, and in what form they are embodied. If the problem of chip entanglement is not solved, the efficiency of CNC lathe processing must be low.  So what kind of situation are you currently encountering?  

The size and thickness of the chip have a great relationship with the parameters of CNC lathe machining. If you want to make the chip larger, you generally need to increase the feed, but pay attention to the effect of the deterioration of the roughness. The tool tip and angle are all related to the chip. Regarding the very large correlation, increasing the feed and chip breaking becomes thicker, but it is conducive to chip breaking, the radius of the tool nose corner becomes smaller, and the chip thickness increases, which is conducive to chip breaking.

Chip compression ratio = hc/h. The larger the compression ratio, the easier it is to break chips, but at the same time the cutting resistance also increases. The compression ratio is related to the linear velocity VC. When VC decreases, the compression ratio increases, so it decreases. The linear speed is also good for chip breaking, the rake angle is reduced, and the cutting deformation is large, which is good for chip breaking. Through the sharp edge treatment, under the same feed situation, the blade edge is dull and sharp, which is conducive to chip breaking. Increasing the entering angle is also a way to facilitate chip breaking. Protruding chip breakers can also solve the problem of chip breaking, but it is highly damaging.

In short, the solution to chip breaking also depends on the material and equipment tools, and different situations are handled differently. However, solving the problem of chip breaking is the best way to improve the machining efficiency of CNC lathes.

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