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Several ways to realize mirror processing

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Mirror processing means that the processed surface can reflect the image like a mirror. This level has reached a very good surface quality of the workpiece. Mirror processing can not only create a high "value" for the product, but also reduce the notch effect and prolong the fatigue of the workpiece Life. It is of great significance in many assembly and sealing structures.

Polishing mirror surface processing technology is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. When selecting the polishing method for metal workpieces, different methods can be selected according to different needs. The following are several common methods of polishing mirror surface processing technology.

 1. Mechanical polishing. it is a polishing method that relies on cutting and plastic deformation of the surface of the material to remove the polished convex parts to obtain a smooth surface.

2. Chemical polishing, it is to make the surface microscopic convex part of the material in the chemical medium dissolve preferentially than the concave part, so as to obtain a smooth surface.

3. Electrolytic polishing. The basic principle of electrolytic polishing is the same as that of chemical polishing, that is, by selectively dissolving tiny protrusions on the surface of the material to make the surface smooth.

4. As a new polishing process, Hawking mirror processing equipment has unique advantages in the processing of many types of metal parts. It can replace traditional grinding machines, rolling, boring, honing, polishing machines, belt machines and other metal surface finishing equipment and processes;

5. Ultrasonic polishing. Put the workpiece in the abrasive suspension and put it together in the ultrasonic field. Relying on the vibration of the ultrasonic wave, the abrasive can be ground and polished on the surface of the workpiece.

6. Fluid polishing, it is relies on high-speed flowing liquid and the abrasive particles carried by it to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing.

7. Mirror polishing Mirror surface, magnetic grinding and polishing Magnetic grinding and polishing is the use of magnetic abrasives to form abrasive brushes under 

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